You Get What You Tolerate

You Get What You Tolerate

The whole reason we even went to NYC was for the yogurty goodness that is Chobani SOHO and it was under construction. And (duh!) we didn’t even think to go to their other location.

New York was pricey breakfasts, long days walking, thrift shopping, SOHO living, beautiful gardens, mommy daughter bickering, incredible sushi, and trips down memory lane from my Parsons days. New York was also lining up for 30 mins plus to shop Glossier and eat vegan ice cream. I wondered: Why do New Yorkers tolerate the lines?

You get what you tolerate.

3 things I won’t tolerate:

1. Having no time – If I tolerated this I wouldn’t have zoomed off in search of urban energy and inspiration.

2. Suburbia – If I was cool with the burbs I might not feel the need to show a young’n around a big city, show her what’s possible, show her what people are capable of, how human desire can manifest.

3. A fixed Income – My unofficial mentor once told me: Bite the bullet, buy the flight tickets, and a dollar figure will appear in your head. The stress to materialize that number will propel you forward. Psst...It works!

NYC To-do List:

Check out our mother daughter NYC map

Red eye snacks:

Urban Remedy Matcha Bar and Match Au Lait,

Watched & loved:

The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Part 1 & Part 2


“All of us invent ourselves. Some of us just have more imagination than others.” – Cher

Sorry I missed you Olga.

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