Ways I Need Men

Ways I Need Men

I was raised by a go-getter. A business owning, straight talking mama. But because of her Middle Eastern roots she had this alter ego which was doting Jewish mother and just a balabusta in general. She always said: ‘I’m not a feminist. I don’t pay attention to that stuff at all.‘ She was a bulldozer. All she knew is that she wanted to get shit done and that she was steering the ship.

No surprise I’ve kind of adopted this ballsy yet anti-feminist attitude. With a tad more sensitivity and self awareness than my mom, I look past gender inequality and look instead at what’s on my to do list: ✓Run company, ✓Run household. I may not need a man to survive, but I like men.

3 ways I need men:

1. As Guideposts – I’m strong. I can do a unsupported yoga headstand but it’s nice to know the wall (my man) is there to catch me if I fall.

2.  As Grill Masters – These days we don’t need males to chase down wild animals for us but I will gladly let my man hunt and provide food for the family (aka BBQ for us).

3. As House Hubbies – Women get this high and mighty attitude sometimes when working and taking care of the kids, cooking and paying bills too. Sometimes we even go so far as to say (when our hubbies leave town), ‘WTF’s the difference?‘ For me, I come downstairs to a gleaming kitchen every morning. That’s one way I know he’s in town. Lucky me.


October is when my two fab brothers were born. Happy birthday bros, love you both!

Have you guys heard of acorns? Everytime I swipe my debit card I’m investing in the stock market. How cool!

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