Wanderlust & the Sweet Spot

Wanderlust & the Sweet Spot

Our house guest, let’s just call him Khai Knopp, lives on $500 a month and depends heavily on the kindness of strangers. We talked about how we’re total opposites. My endless material needs drive me to make the money I need to afford them. He, on the other hand enjoys finding creative ways to live with the same tiny lump of passive income that appears in his bank account monthly.

We were up talking the other night about these needs and how most of them are just wants. And then upon closer inspection many are just fears. Take me for example, I (like a true Jap) take supplements and am addicted to skincare and eating expensive, organic food. But at the root of it there’s really just a fear of being gray and wrinkled. If I let myself go, I told Khai, I would have soooo much free time to spend being more generous and helpful to others. I imagined myself in a less vain scenario: chubbier, gray roots, washed out from lack of makeup, frumpy. Hard to accept. But let’s say I lived in Berkeley and everyone looked like that. Ouch. How liberating it would be! As Khai Knopp says: We spend unnecessary time trying to preserve things: memories, beauty, our stuff.

Back to money though, while I agree with Tim Ferriss that “Fun things happen when you earn dollars, live on pesos, and compensate in rupees,” our house guest’s motto omits ‘earn’ and is more like: Live on shekels, compensate in nuevo soles. When I thought about it, our divergent philosophies were more similar than I first supposed. Both involve gumption and creativity and the ability to make more from less. The sweet spot would really be a blend of the two. Earn tons, and despite that, be painfully resourceful.

Watching: Wonderlust about how an open relationship developed between a long time married couple.

I dedicate this song to you Roger. Thanks for hopping back.


Take care with yourself. Define who you are. Refine your personality. Choose your destination and articulate your Being. – Jordan B. Peterson

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