Trust & Vulnerability

Trust & Vulnerability

As I get older it gets simultaneously easier and harder to let people in and out of my life, let me give 3 examples:

1. Millenials – When working with the “younger gen” there’s often a mismatch in expectations. Millennials tend to think they are blessing you by doing the smallest things for you. I recently had this copywriter working for me. We spent so much time planning, talking and getting on the same page only for her to abruptly pull the plug on the project before we even got started. New, better gig came her way. Then she had the nerve to leave me a bad Upwork review. I was pissed. Older gen me expected her to actually come through, crazy me!

2. Roger Rabbit – I made this friend, completely out of the blue. She became kind of a confidant, kind of shook me out of some assumptions I began to have and what not. I fully let down my guard. We professed a mutual affection. Then due to my own issues, I pulled the plug, but felt I did it in an honest way. Her response? “Roger that.” That’s it, two words. TMS (typical millennial style). The lesson? Millenials will hop out of your life in a nano second. You’ll be left doing a double take wondering if they were ever there to begin with. I was hurt.

3. Mi Casa – Last example: I open my house to lots of folks; our loving nanny, my brother’s ex (miss you K), my husband’s artist cousin (I love him so) and a myriad of Craigslisters who help me run my business, many of whom I’ve become quite fond of. You’re the best S! You too D. My initial assumption is: ‘Mi casa su casa, help yourself to coffee, tea and snacks, feel comfortable.‘ And I’ve never been let down. ‘Make your own schedule,’ I say, ‘Key’s under the door‘. ‘Tell me how much I owe you.’

Giving and taking,

Here’s a song that sums it up.

Maybe I didn’t have to ask for affection. My inner paradise was my ultimate protection.

– CeCe Lamberts

I’ll be darned if I’m gonna darn socks.

– Best mom quote this week


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