Sur_thrive Weekends

Sur_thrive Weekends

It used to be that if you had small children you were young and energetic. And agile as you were, you’d scoop up the kids and throw them in the car and they’d have to put up with your parental shenanigans. But when you’re tired and you have all sorts of ages and hormone levels (when you’re buying pads for one and diapers for another) it can be awkward to make the weekends jive and gel as a family unit.

3 Tips for sur-thriving the weekends with (or without) the wee ones:

1. Vacation in your own hood – We have developed this into an art. The trick is to pack a bag for all possible scenarios and pack it all into the car preferably clueless as to where you’re going. Plan to be out all day, eat all your meals al fresco, tire the kids and discover anything and everything with no expectations and no time constraints. This is how life is when you’re on vacation so you might as well do it all the time.

2. Make Rituals – My 14 year old and I have a scheduled Sunday walk we do to ‘The Center’ and back where (since teens eat a lot) we get Acai bowls from Everbowl, bagels from Golden Bagel and a ‘pink-ity drink-ity’ from SBUX. We catch up. It’s our alone time and we look forward to it. Well, at least I do. She just comes for the food.

3. Discover Something Awesomely New – I simply must discover something awesomely new every weekend. I keep my eyes open for the new and unusual: interesting flavor combos, people with great style (usually found only in LA or San Fran) new restaurants, future picnic destinations, cool plants, whatever! I write things down so I never forget. It all gets added to this infinite list of cool I make for future reference.

What about you? How do you sur-thrive the weekend?

Yours and mine,

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