The men I love romantically (besides my hubby)

The men I love romantically (besides my hubby)

Only because you asked Diane…

There are 3 men I love these days, and when I say love I mean I really think I love them romantically, they kind of tear me up inside and get me teary eyed in a sweet & sour way (more sweet really).

1. Tim Ferriss

2. Freddie Mercury

3. Khai Knopp

Tim. Let’s start with the mildest flame. Talk about someone who enriches my life, who I can’t thank enough for the wisdom he shares, the people he introduces me to, the exactitude he demands of himself, the bar he raises for others, the caring, the probing, the meandering conversations that always delight and intrigue me. Would this love affair be ruined if we actually sat face to face? 3 Things Thursday was actually born or copied in admiration for his 5 Bullet Friday. Such a treasure you are, Tim. Let’s date?

Freddie. To think I lived without you for so long. Yes, I’d heard your songs at Aimee’s house when I was 17 but I didn’t know what to make of them. I just figured: silly Aimee. Fast forward to today and this man delights me, his voice, his spirit, his exuberance, his shamelessness, I know meeting him would ruin nothing. Like a magnet he draws my heart to him, I am so happy that such a force existed in this world to entertain and burn his flame so brightly. Your being gay makes me love you even more, Freddie.

Khai. Even before you lost your precious daddy, you were in my heart daily. My muse, my spiritual advisor, the man who travels the world for us all since we can’t unchain ourselves the same way. Now that you’re grieving you’re so much more of an angel, so sweet and doe-eyed even in sadness. I can’t even call you. I’m a coward. Death is too hard for me, I don’t want to trivialize it with my silly words of sympathy. When you send me pictures of yourself I want to kiss you. Same as with Freddie, you being gay makes my love for you that much more tragic.

Thanks Diane for revving my engine,

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