The Perfect Trifecta

The Perfect Trifecta

A clash happened recently with a family member. Something silly really, merely a trifle, but it hit a nerve. I felt like a boat whose rope got cut from the dock. Instead of running back for safety though, I stood my ground and made David Bowie style ch-ch-ch-changes.

The perfect trifecta for change:

1. Enter: La mama – Mothers care about your health first and your happiness second. Mothers keep you mired to your responsibilities. Change scares them. Fear motivates them. Even though she would undoubtedly die for you, eventually you need to leave mama’s lap and declare your independence – yell it out LOUD & CLEAR.

2. Introducing: The muse – The muse is the guy (or gal) who dares you to groove to your own tune. Jovial, he questions everything. Lightheartedly he guides you to change things you didn’t think you could – like your mind. He’s naive (or maybe he’s wiser than anyone else in your life). He has your best interest at heart and believes in you 100%. Big, huge change agent, the muse.

3. Debut performance by: The heart – The heart is a lonely hunter. The heart hurls you into the deep, dark night, disconnects you from logic, rules and reason. The heart doesn’t judge, the heart yearns. The heart isn’t racist, sexist or biased. The heart ultimately decides but careful because it can wreak havoc. As we pick up the pieces the heart casts carelessly about, that’s when change happens.

SparkNotes: Guts (the muse) minus guilt (la mama) equals what you want (the heart).

“Can’t stand the heat of my love get out of the kitchen” – Kid Cudi


Thanks for the gifts that keep on giving Nili xxx

Song that sums it up.

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  1. Thanks! Always with love!
    Have you seen the wonderful movie: the heart is a lonely Hunter? From the 70’s?
    What really comes first? Health or happiness?
    Missing you all!

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