Circling Back To You

Circling Back To You

“Mental fitness and joy on demand both start here, with one breath”. – Tim Ferriss

It’s been a year of razor sharp focus. I’ve pushed past my comfort zone and taken risks that have stressed me out only to realize that stress and risks are part of what it takes to be a business lady.

Now that things are falling into place I can come back to myself. You always come back to “truly you”—sometimes it just takes a while. You can’t really rush it.

4 ways I’m circling back to me:

1. Via my kitchen – October gives me the urge to reconnect with winter foods, to stock up on nuts, buy apple butter and make yummy muffins and soups.

2. Via my body – I rearranged my bedroom to maximize the floor space and make room for music, movement, embarrassing dance and self care. Thinking of buying a vintage exercise bike, something pretty.

3. Via chilling – Pot is legal, so I can say this: A few joint puffs after the kids go to bed in the evening hours = big time relaxation. Makes snuggling with the hubby that much sweeter.

4. Via my wardrobe – To be you you have to dress like you. I love buying second hand off Depop and Ebay, especially since my taste costs a pretty penny.


Watching: The last Man on Earth on Hulu

Reading: Use What You’ve Got by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank

Planning to make: Zucchini quesadillas with rich, nutty salsa

Cyclically yours,

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