Gotta Rise Up and Persevere

Gotta Rise Up and Persevere

When making a fire people like to join you, when cleaning the ashes you are often alone. – African Proverb

Winter break was the impetus to take a good look around me at the place I call home. And when I did I was like: wada-shit-hole. Not everyone can make chaos look as alluring or artistic as Jemima Kirke. Kids or not, I want to have a home that’s both a reflection of me and pleasing to inhabit. Despite a perceived deficit of time, cash flow and frankly energy to transform disorder into functional feng shui, this Jew was painfully aware that when faced with a seemingly overwhelming challenge, there’s only one solution: Gotta rise up and persevere.

3 Things JAPs do when cleaning house:

Dish out blame – This is our nannies fault. Isn’t it part of her job description to put things away? Is she actually the cause rather than the solution to this clutter? Embarrassing, but yes I actually thought these things. Then I directed my anger at our offspring. Bingo! My kids are slobs. But who’s fault is that? Certainly can’t blame hubby, he’s a beacon of light to us all. Time to own up, Dandy. You’re the skipper, and your ship is, well, shipwrecked.

Get indignant – As I swept, sweat, gathered, folded and de-dust bunnied, I lamented: Why me? I didn’t sign up for this. If only I had married rich. Oh me, oh my, poor me, poor my. Pure pity fest. Then, as I sat to internet acquire some World Market accent pieces for the living room, I had to laugh. Hey, this is kind of fun. My indignation then led me to:

Puff up with pride – Jewish women will always remind you: It’s the woman who steers the ship, dearie. But they forget to break it down. Women also have to manage the crew, walk the deck to make sure things are ship shape and climb into the engine room from time to time. There will most certainly be mutiny on the ship if not. Good crew is not found, good crew is made.

Shalom sexy,

“Go home and clean the kitchen?” “Oh sir, I’m Jewish. I pay people to do that.” – Midge, Marvelous Mrs. Mazel

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