A Rich Woman

A Rich Woman

When you come back after a long trip people eventually ask you: So how is it to be back in reality?

I dislike this question. Who is to say what my reality is?

Is my reality my corporate job that pays the bills?

Is my reality the dinner, bath, bedtime loop with the kids?

Is my reality passing out in front of Better Things each night?

So I vowed to turn the things upside down by gradually extending my vacations to take up larger and larger amounts of my time. Easier said than done, sure, but let’s start with the intention!

3 things I’m doing these days that keep me fresh, creative & earning extra cash for extended vacations:

1. Juice cleansing – My brothers talk a lot about intermittent fasting and how we humans have survived for tens of thousands of years fasting intermittently. And guess what, our bodies looked hella better then people. Today we’re in an almost constant state of putting things in our mouths. So I order this RAW 3 Day ORGANIC cleanse from Amazon that ships frozen and it is honestly EXCELLENT! 6 different juices a day for 3 days reboots your system.

2. Power snacking – When I’m not juice cleansing I’m munching on BRAMI Lupini plant protein snacks. No need for bread or other filling things when you’ve got these. BRAMI is the Mediterranean’s answer to edamame. It’s a fresh legume snack packed with plant protein, but unlike edamame it’s soy-free, comes in flavors, and you eat it wet right out of the bag (they’re lightly pickled).

3. Overdosing on inspiration – I listen to The Tim Ferriss Show for heaping spoonfuls of entrepreneurial inspiration. My favorite episode is this one where he interviews Terry Crews. I love when Terry talks about his realization that he’s already rich (even though he doesn’t have a penny): He says: Wait a minute! I’m rich now. Now that I’m rich, what would a rich man do?

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