Tending Your Mind Garden

Tending Your Mind Garden

The mind is a garden that needs tending. When cultivated, beautiful things can happen there. My garden is colorful, crowded and a bit overgrown. There are parts of it that need work, there are parts I’m very happy with. Here’s how I maintain my garden…

3 ways to keep organized and why they work:

1. 8.5 x 11 white paper – I start my workday with a white sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper divided into 3 blocks. Top left block is things to do today. Top right block is anything upcoming that I need to keep on a low flame. Bottom block is corporate job related tasks (no comment). No matter how much something may be urgent, I force myself to start with this blank sheet of paper. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts and set your intentions for the day.

Why it works: No matter how techy things get, don’t underestimate the power of a pen touching paper. You use an entirely different (and valuable) part of your brain this way.

2. Asana – a multitude of to-dos come to mind as the day progresses. I put them in Asana in a private board only I can see. My list is divided up into categories: Family, Banking, Business, etc. I love checking things off this list because the little check mark turns green and then poof! disappears. I can always look back at all my accomplishments in my ‘completed tasks’ view.

Why it works: To-do lists can be super long, and you need to be able to access them anywhere. A piece of paper you can forget but Asana goes with you anywhere and you can keep restructuring the categories to fit your life.

3. A journal – Perhaps the most important thoughts are the one that have not yet become to-dos. My journal is free form, there are no rules there, no categories, no timelines, it’s me uncensored. I secretly love being the only one writing in a  journal surrounded by people thumbing dumbly on screens. Instead of things coming at me, I serve up the content – my way.

Why it works: When you value your thoughts you need to make a place for them, learn from them.

Productively yours,

Oh and happy birthday Dearest Aimee xxxx

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