I Make Money Move

I Make Money Move

Someone’s got to wear the pants…

Which is fine because I don’t look good in skirts.

3 reasons I make money move:

1. My hubby’s a passive guy. Money making and the race to the top was never his thing. Which is not to say he doesn’t like the good life. He just doesn’t equate one with the other. The business of making money is someone else’s game, someone greedy. If the struggle to make it feels inconvenient, he can’t be bothered to do it, no matter what’s at stake. It’s pretty tough to change a guy like this. Once a carrot in front of your nose did nothing, always a carrot in front of your nose did nothing. Truth be told, he’s only just now starting to like carrots, baby carrots, and only sometimes.

2. Recently a gay man whispered in my ear: You need to be the man because he’s not going to do it. If that means you gotta work late, crunching numbers and driving strategy, then that’s what you have to do. Your kids will survive. You have the vision, only you can push your business forward, and you have to find ways to keep him occupied with anything you need him to do. I said to him: I always thought the alpha was just dominant, turns out the alpha is the protector. He said, yes, you’re the protector, baby. Blew me away.

3. Oscar Wilde said, “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. One of my favorite quotes. I simply can’t work (only) for the man. ‘Fixed income’ is one of my most hated phrases. Going after the moolah doesn’t feel like a choice as much as a way of life, it’s like breathing, you just come to terms with your role and keep on doing it. Life is long and you got to keep the support beams strong. You’ve got to not only be ready but large and in charge.

“Say I don’t gotta dance, I make money move” – Cardi B


No offense to my hubby, he’s the best. There’s more to life than being a go-getter.

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