I Love Aging

I Love Aging

I always knew I would love my 40’s and I do! Towards the end of my 30’s I couldn’t wait to get to 40 already. Give me the wisdom and the self acceptance that goes with the territory already! I’d scream up to the almighty universe. And I was finally answered. 40 is exactly as they say: perfect. I moved into myself, put my furniture just so and stood in the middle proudly saying: Take me or leave me, just as I am. Not to say I wouldn’t change just as I always had, but now I’d change without regret or self doubt.

Here’s 3 things I like about aging:

1. Declarations. You are no longer a question mark. After 40 you become either a period or an exclamation mark, sometimes both, but never again a question mark. Even if you were a question mark until you were 39, by 40 your question mark becomes a period. Meaning: you will come into your own and not apologize about it, not ask someone if they are OK with it, not wonder if it’s OK. Just. you. period.

2. Authenticity. When my hair needs coloring and my brows aren’t done and I’ve got my glasses on and I’m walking around the hood in weird combinations of clothes reserved for the weekends, I say to myself: This may not be pretty but no one else can do me like I do. Being you with no apologies has it’s own inherent beauty. There should be magazine covers like that instead of unattainable, expensive, time consuming beauty.

3. Wisdom. Being me now comes with this extra me, like, a behind the scenes me that sees things from a bit of a distance. Instead of always being reactive and impatient there’s this other me on a lounge chair with a wine glass who’s like: dude, chill or she’ll understand one day or that doesn’t even deserve a comment. I no longer need to be the center of attention. My wisdom lies in my silence or in the way I try to boost up others. Ahhhhhh how nice.


The Secret of Aging with Style & Attitude by Mireille Guiliano has some surprisingly good takeaways especially where eating oysters are concerned and the importance of sexy shoes at any age.

I also liked the movie Iris about Iris Apfel and her insane fashion sense, good attitude and thriving fashion career that continues until today at age 96!

We don’t have enough aging women role models, right? Who are yours?

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