Wild and Untamed

Wild and Untamed

My corporate job is nestled in a cookie cutter neighborhood, jutted up against tiny malls and tons of concrete. Sometimes I feel the need to hunt for something wild and untamed. So I drive with an inkling of a place. I’m not sure where I’m going. My intuition guides me. There was a park I used to frequent as a teenager when the same feeling of needing a place less structured came over me.

So I found my self there. I kicked off my shoes. I took off my long sleeves. I walked on the pebbly earth with my bare toes. I ate a vegan green tea ice cream from Nektar and walked under the sun.

Sure enough there was a thicket full of tree branches reaching toward each other like hands making a bridge. I walked over spongy ground, I walked to the edge that overlooked the cliffs, spotting a trail which I followed. Low and behold there was a lone bench. This would be my bench, my own inspiration point. Semi-wild, only the scratching of animals in the bushes and the sun shining down on me.

And I didn’t need more than this. The sun soaked into my face and arms, the ground soaked into my manicured feet. Power from above, power from below.

This week, I’m thinking a lot about:

1. How to be happy even though my life lacks simplicity.

2. How to set systems in place that practically run themselves.

3. How to keep my focus on what’s truly important. Like this cute face…

Back to nature,

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