Late Night Transgressions

Late Night Transgressions

Motherhood’s demands are never ending. Motherhood pulls my puppet strings. 6am I wake to mean hair pulling. My baby (no longer so) wants to nurse AGAIN. To distract him we go downstairs and pull out a block of cheese. Slice after slice and he’s happy. I get my coffee. It’s not the caffeine it’s the hot ritual. Me time. It’s over so fast. Then breakfast for the teenager. Then breakfast for the 5 year old. Can I sneak in a jog? There are Ebay messages to answer, Shopify orders to attend to. Jot some things on the grocery list. Oh me oh my. And life continues this way. Everything is important and nothing is too.

Forget thrive. 3 things I do to survive:

1. Late night sin: It goes against every rule in the book but last night I took a slice of Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie and a small cup of coffee up to bed so I could get back to reading 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson. My 5 minutes of peace. Two pages in I conked out. My bed sheets need changing and I forgot to brush my teeth. I wonder if your oral hygiene (and your hygiene in general) diminishes with every kid you have.

2. Go to the mattresses: Now that it’s dark-ish when I get home, I feel the urge to dive under my covers and evade the world (aka my demanding kids). I sneak the front door open quietly and tiptoe upstairs. Did they see me? Sweet! Oh wonderful warm bed. 10 minutes and I’ll be right with you everyone.

3. Driving Miss Ela: Sometimes there are night time errands to run. Once the kids are sleeping I grab my keys and bolt. Ahhh the freedom of the nighttime errand. First stop: Drive-through Starbucks. A tall one-pump hot chocolate please. I sip, drive, savor, dream and then eventually go home. Oh yeah, what about that errand I was supposed to run?

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Oh, I’m digging these non-GMO blue corn tortilla chips made with coconut oil. Munchies and crunchies just keep getting healthier and healthier.


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