Busy Is A Choice

Busy Is A Choice

Busy is a choice. Remember that. These days inserting breathing room into your schedule – even on weekends – has become an art. Saying no to plans is the new black.

Ever thought what you would get by not over scheduling?

3 ways I experience JOLO (the joy of losing out):

1. By homesteading – My kids really love home, it’s their safe house, their shelter from life’s pressures and all the stuff they gotta do like get edumacated and be well behaved. What could be better than having a place to shake it all off, hang out practically naked and just be you? You don’t get that when you’re constantly running from activity to activity, treating your home like a train station.

2. By being antisocial – We pass up on many social outings in big groups. Packing, dressing and then corralling the troops into the car combined with the pressure to be interesting, to small talk, to compare summer trips, to socialize while keeping your kids out of danger…Meh. I’ll pass if I can.

3. By being artsy – My baby boy is too little yet to take part in organized sports and my girls are (thankfully?) future artists in the making. Is being bleary eyed and over caffeinated on lawn chairs, watching some game on a desolate field somewhere in our future? Is it wrong to say I hope not?


Listening to: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which is irreverent, fascinating and includes tons of f-bombs.

Reading: Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School by cool guy Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group.

Grooving to: Thanks Mai Mai for introducing me to Rex Orange County and to this song in particular.

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