Is That All There Is My friend?

Is That All There Is My friend?

Once you’re done with carnal delights, or not done, but when they are sort of on the downswing; once you’ve had your affairs, (both love and extramarital), had your hot make out seshs in the car, had some (or most) of your adult fantasies realized, there are really only a few things left to give you real pleasure in life. Because let’s face it, life loses some of it’s mystery at 40, but not all of it’s charm.

3 things still meaningful at 40+

1. Food – Post kids, pleasures of the flesh often get set on a very low flame. But food? Food can still bring big time pleasure – albeit to your palette! Perhaps all the more since copulation’s such an elusive menu item. This fascination with eating continues even when we’re super duper old. You’ve seen those old people who push a walker into a restaurant, or even an oxygen tank, because they gotta have that seafood linguini. That’s dedication. Food will literally keep us on our toes to the bitter end. And thank goodness.

2. Family – For good, bad and for ugly they are all we have. Without them we’re weak, unloved and unprotected. They can be totally annoying but isn’t annoying together better than peaceful alone? Yes. Every time yes. And kids? Sometimes all I want is to escape them, literally, under a blanket binge watching YOU. But they are the background soundtrack to my life, my favorite playlist, the best extension of me, 1 billion times more important than I am.

3. Exercise – I left many things behind in my 30’s like perky breasts and moral and political correctness. But still going strong? My desire to be a yoga biyatch. The only choice for still having control in your 40’s is to be sinewy with semi rock-hard abs. Otherwise, honestly what do you have? Just flab, and a bunch of people who want a piece of you, and an hour before bed to yourself. I like to have the sexiest yoga outfit in the room (think FP Movement by Free People), mostly just to turn myself on and to say, damn girl, you still look good!

With big pleasure,

If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing 
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball 
If that’s all there is…

-Songwriters Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller

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