Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

When tired of your kids in hot as hell Tel Aviv I recommend some ‘time out’ to do the following 3 things:

 1. Eat. Order the Vegan breakfast at Benedict (open 24/7) 171 Ben Yehuda St. with a peach mimosa in a fancy glass. It will do the trick. Your kids will be whooooosh in the background and you will start to live again.

2. Primp. Turns out in Israel you can’t just pop into a nail salon. No no. You have to make an appointment wayyy in advance and you have to show up “ON TIME” says the stern Russian girl at Sakura Beauty Salon. Also turns out that they really take their time and the results are perfect and long lasting.

3. Disconnect. If like me your phone is your baby monitor, turn it off. Your husband will try to update you about how cute (or annoying) your kids are. You don’t have kids right now. You’re on a time out. Remember when we were blissfully ignorant about peoples whereabouts and whatnots? That was a good time.

We just launched this on Amazon:

Sleep Savior and Sleep Savior Ultra glasses are for use 2-3 hours before you bed down. They block blue and green light to help rebuild melatonin in the body. Without them artificial light before bed gets in the way of a good nights’ sleep which over time wreaks havoc on your health and even your weight. They’re also great for jet lag and for shift workers helping to reset circadian rhythms.

We are literally, practically and for all intents and purposes giving these away during a short launch period this month which I even considered keeping quiet but what the heck? Mimosa has canceled all attempts at secrecy.

Thanks a million to my Amazonian Goddess of a sister in law for modeling for us. And to our other model Giovanni the young dreadlocked, van living, hippie traveler guy scouted on Craigslist.

As always, please help us boost our Amazon rankings by adding Sleep Savior & Sleep Savior Ultra to your Amazon cart and to your wishlist. We’d be grateful. No need to buy, just show Amazon you’re interested.


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