Create Much Needed Head-space

Create Much Needed Head-space

How we manage our time is sort of basic in understanding who we are. In my 20’s I was a hippy who had no idea what day it was. In my 30’s I pushed to get the most out of everyday, multitasking, checking things off my lists, smiling after the work day was done. Then in my 40’s (once 3 kids and 2 side hustles were added to the mix) the fuses began to cross, my memory began to suffer and my eye began to twitch. Then an aha moment: I don’t just want to be at the helm, I want to lead effortlessly and enjoyably.

3 ways I create   s…p…a…c…e

1. Create headspace using this aptly named app – It’s a bit like listening to a podcast (which I love) but a soft spoken British man helps guide me back to myself with meditation techniques, creating a clearing in the labyrinthine woods that are my thoughts.

2. Bulk your work – I can’t possibly do it all, but I can be disciplined and know that I will spend Mondays on business X, Tuesday’s on business Y and just pace myself damnit, and breathe. Bulking your work creates order and control and quiets the horrible urge to multitask (which really doesn’t work). I find ‘bulking’ helps to quiet the imaginary mob that I sometimes feel is running after me.

3. Project good thoughts – A Tools Of Titans recommendation: Choose 3 people a day to wish happiness upon. It gets you out of your own head and sending positive thoughts into the universe. Tempting as it is to loop channel Ela all day long, this simple exercise ironically makes me feel happier myself.

This week on my to do & try list:

Orange Wine

Plan an LA getaway

New Listen:

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women

Money is meant to be spent. Don’t save it, don’t count it. Just figure out what you can throw it at that can turn into more money.  – Barbara Corcoran

Peacefully and easy does it,


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