Full power, no toilet, no shower

Full power, no toilet, no shower

In India a little boy who pushed me and my luggage through town on a large, rickety cart, answered this to my question about how he could push heavy objects all day: “Full power, no toilet no shower.” Apparently that’s Hindi for when you have no time for the pain (or the pee), no time for a single thing besides survival.

I’m busy, so are you. That’s nothing to show off about. The opposite, I’ll be showing off when I’m leisurely. Nowadays I’m beyond busy. I am full on. Like Nancy in Weeds, who’s husband died and so she ends up busting her ass selling pot illegally. My hubby may be alive and kicking, but he’s busy too. No one can save me.

In Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie says,“Being human is a condition that requires a little anesthesia, and yes, I have my own secret stash of remedies to take the edge off. I wake with low grade stress each morning, more forgetful than ever. I spill things often.

Thing is, I like decadent self care, massages, long lunches with alcohol. I even like diamonds these days. I do believe in the American dream and I’m focused as hell. Hedonism is “my why” encapsulated in the entrepreneurial spirit I inherited from my parents.

I went to see Hozier 2 weeks ago in the Forever Cemetary in Hollywood on a windy night. That also motivates me. Experiences, and they cost money.

Stressed out, but happy

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