Living Fast & Furious

Living Fast & Furious

My younger self prided herself on preparation and readiness, thinking things through and showing up fresh, pressed and prepared. The new 40+ me? Not interested. Sometimes my day looks like this and I’m OK with it:

I wake, cuddle, caffeinate, cart kids to school, inhale morning smoothie. Cross-fade to hot yoga and a late arrival to work where I illegally park, knock on the glass for building entrance (sorry, forgot my badge), realize I can only work for an hour before I have to go visit my bro’s new baby, then back to work to write 200 emails. Clock in at home for mom duties such as dinner, baths, cleanup, stories, tantrums, bed. Shower it all off, get my head straight for tomorrow, read for 35 mins and pass out. Olé and oy-vey!

3 things gained from living fast & furious:

1. Ditch Perfection – For a perfectionist like myself, being forced to have a sense of humor and lowered expectations when things don’t go right is a good daily lesson. Plus, knowing I could get in trouble at work provides the adrenaline boost I secretly like.

2. Show up – There’s a shit ton to get done. Today. Got to buckle down and do it. All. The most important thing, though? Show up. People tend to think they are meant for something BIG in their lives. To get to BIG you have to focus on today. – James Altucher

3. Go for quantity not quality – One thing I realized is that quantity equals quality. People think it’s one or the other but it’s not. When you have a quantity of ideas or things you’re trying, you will find quality. – James Altucher

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