Even Though I’m Mawwied

Even Though I’m Mawwied

Admit it. You missed me.

I missed you too!! Last week I literally had no more hard drive, no space for a single inspired or creative thought. Now I’m back with you though, bwimming with thoughts and inspirations. Well not really but hell I can’t miss another week, and neither can you.

3 cool little things I found in the last few days…

My 6 year old goes to sleep every night with Sleep With Me, the podcast that puts you to sleep. But who knew there’s a podcast to use while brushing ones teeth? We needed more reasons to never put down our phones, so it’s perfect. It’s called Chompers. At brush time, I no longer have to boredly sing Mary Had A Little Lamb to keep motivation high. It’s 4.5 mins of cool facts, history, little bite sized nuggets (for your little nuggets) to take in while doing a really–let’s face it–boring task.

For adults who like (to watch) sex, drugs and, uh cannibalism, there’s this superb podcast, The Horror of Dolores Roach a story in 8 episodes that’s not to be missed, so delicious!! For those lonely, meandering, mid-day drives (I swear I work) it put’s a bit of salsa picante into your day. Let me know how you like it. Thanks so much to Ilan for recommending it.

Lastly wanted to put it out there that I’m on Bumble. Created by the co-founder of Tinder, sexy Whitney Wolfe created Bumble with women in mind. Women make the first move, and it’s not just for dating, it’s for friendships and professional connections as well. I mentioned I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships and how sometimes you sort of end up with a bunch of friends and it may not feel entirely by choice. To challenge this, I went about looking for friends that I would pick according to specific criteria, and guess what? It’s exactly like dating, and I get to do it even though I’m mawwied, ha! Swipe left = no likey, right = yes please. Matches are made and both parties have 24 hours to connect or else, poof, gone. So far I’ve met one very nice, respectable gal and counting.

See, kinda boring but it’s what I got.

That’s all there is my friends,

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