What Austin Does Right

What Austin Does Right

In San Diego we forget about culture. We have the sunshine and that seems to be enough. Museums. meh, stale, passé. But we have the sun. Music scene, it’s a hidden world, but we have the rays of el sol. Public art? Huh? We’re getting tan, pass the sunscreen.

3 things Austin is doing right:

1. Sex appeal – Austin embraces sexuality of any flavor but is still brave enough to celebrate traditional gender roles. Men and women are doing the two step and they look hot. When you dance you bring so much more to the table than your looks. You bring your body’s personality, the way you move, the way your skirt spins when you twirl, suddenly there are so many more dimensions by which to be judged as a woman. And a man dancing? Yeah, gimme.

2. Music – Music is f-ing important but somehow it’s only reserved for late night venues behind closed doors in San Diego. Music is literally exploding onto the streets of Austin putting your soul and enjoyment on the pedestal they deserve. I got grabbed to dance more times in 3 days than I do in 3 years in SD.

3. Mexican food and food in general – I thought SD was number one for Mex but I tasted salsa like no other in Austin, and they’re crazy for tacos. Tacos on the street, in the airport, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Geraldine’s rocked our tastebuds hard. Everything just tastes good washed down by beer and champagne, which you have to drink when listening to music. And music is everywhere and always.

Love y’all,

Babe, there’s something wretched about this
Something so precious about this
Oh what a sin – Hozier, From Eden

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