Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversify Your Portfolio

Nature abhors a monoculture. In the animal world, for example, a single virus or disease can wipe out an entire monoculture without any resistance. Same logic applies to our relationships, our work, our finances. You gotta diversify to stay strong and inspired.

3 ways to diversify your portfolio:

1. It’s long been my opinion that every woman needs a secretary. Little did I know that what every woman really needs is a live-in gay man (in addition to a hubby). Real husband can’t make the party? Gay husband will accompany you, holding the kids hands when crossing the street. Real hubby too lazy to jog in the AM? Gay hubby is game! My substitute hubby is hot, slim and muscular and the best part is he doesn’t want me, so I can lust away with zero danger.

2. There’s never been a better time to turn your passion into a side biz. Check out Side Hustle School for how to get started. I find it’s best to do these things when you have absolutely no skin in the game and nothing to loose. Eventually you can replace your employer with none other than…yourself! If I don’t diversify in a hurry, I’ll find myself old and heading for retirement in a cubicle.

3. Today I sat with my financial advisor. Yeah, I have one now. He’s keeping me all responsible and stuff and giving me all these ideas about where to stick my money. What money I ask him? That’s what we have to figure out he says. He took a look at how I organize my bazillion bank accounts with funny names like ‘Hip Mom’ and ‘Enhancement’ and said, ‘Yeah, its unconventional but you have a lot of things you’re trying to accomplish. If one fails, you’ve got a backup plan.’

Mixing it up and keeping it real,


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