Once I was obsessed with owning books. If I went to someone’s house who had no books on their shelves right away I knew I had no business with them. It was an instant line in the sand. I’d think: You have no books, you have no worth. Books on my shelves at home were testaments to who I was and wanted to be. Well, surprise, surprise I’ve changed.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (highly recommended) states that holding onto things you intend to one day read, like books, actually holds you back from ever reading them in the first place. I absolutely know this to be true! So, a decision was made to get rid of all my books, except for a very choice few I can’t bear to part with. One by one they leave my shelves and I kiss them goodbye and farewell. I’m no longer the girl who reads Checkhov and dark Eastern European novels and then exchanges meaningful glances with my bookshelf as I go about my day.

TODAY anytime I hear about a great book, wammo it gets added to my hold list on the public library app. Then when it’s available I get an email to go pick it up from the branch I selected. No more buying books! Plus, on my many trips to the library I pick up armfuls of books for the kids, plus a few coffee table books to inspire my week. It’s such a win-win situation.

3 things on my Library hold list:

1. How to Build A Well-lived, Joyful Life by William Burnett

2. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

3. Unfu*k Yourself – Get out of your Head and into your Life by John Gary


As you know the Whitten Family (and now Mr. Herman it seems) are all wrapped up and wound ’round various levels of cut throat, over-the-top health. We did a little collab around sleep hygiene and Sleep Savior was born. Read more about it here. Since your memory may be iffy, check out our newest Amazon product to hit the US market: Sleep Savior and Sleep Savior Ultra. Please add them to your cart and wishlist to help us grow on Amazon’s extremely conditional platform (no need to buy).


Speaking of my family, Ari Whitten has done it again, his new book The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy hit Amazon TODAY. Get the kindle version for $1.99 for a very short time. In it you’ll learn to use red light therapy (who, huh, what?) to get powerful fat loss, brain and thyroid boosts, reduced inflammation, enhanced energy and anti-aging benefits.


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